Our work outside of Denmark

Our work with the Copenhagen Model has inspired cities and organisations outside of the Danish borders. Maybe we should visit you the next time?

We want to share our knowledge

Through the work with the public kitchens in Copenhagen we and the municipality of Copenhagen have proven that it truly is possible to achieve high quality (and organic) public meals without increasing the budget. We want to democratize the access to good meals which is why we now assist cities, researchers and organisations across the world with improving public and professional meals by sharing our unique knowledge within the field. 

How can we help?

One size does not fit all. Lectures, books and consulting. We assist with a wide array of activities. Below you will find some of the services and projects most asked for. But feel free to contact us, if you have something else in mind.

Lectures and research

We often visit cities, institutions and organisations who are curious to learn more about our work and unique experience. We can also provide insight for use in research papers or books.

Experience our work first hand

The Copenhagen House of Food is a melting pot of food specialists, researchers and consultants. Almost not a day goes by when our kitchens and conference rooms are not filled with people from professional kitchens and institutions learning how to make better meals and creating the right setting for those who eat the food. We help organisations and cities experience our work and the results in Copenhagen first hand by field trips to the city.


The achievements in Copenhagen are a result of hard working people in the public kitchens and institutions as well as a municipality willing to invest in quality improvements that benefit the city and the citizens in the long run. We work with cities across the world to help them achieve the same results.

We are eager to share our experiences and securing better meals outside of Denmark.  But please note that we have an ambition of keeping the amount of international flights to a minimum. So whenever train, bus or another travel option is available, that is what we aim to use.

Contact us

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